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    Surest way to WIN

    JEE, NEET, CPT, SAT, State Level Exams

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    JEE, NEET, CPT, SAT, State Level Exams

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    JEE, NEET, CPT, SAT, State Level Exams


  • WoWWiN's methodology transforms an average student into an extraordinary performer at the competitive exams.
  • WoWWiN makes your preparation easy and interesting. Practice your lessons using questions... rise over the levels as you do well. It is like winning your mobile game.
  • WoWWiN's patented method allows you to concentrate on your weak areas and strengthen them with least effort. WoWWiN develops your expertise step by step .... until you score high in the mock tests.
  • Study and Practice using your mobile, tab, laptop or computer anytime .... anywhere.
  • Attempt Contact classes for guidance!


Blended Learning
WoWWiN combines the advantages of online learning and the classroom learning and makes your learning very effective and responsive. Online instruction focuses on assessments, online material and monitoring of student learning. Classroom instruction helps you in clarifying doubts and reinforcing the learning.
Expert content and Microtopics
WoWWiN's content is prepared by experts with long experience in teaching. The content consists of rich reading material and large number of questions. The content emphasizes on fundamental concepts and takes you through complex problems and applications which are generally asked in the competitive examinations. An average student can become an expert performer using the WoWWiN content. In order to make the content easily understandable, each chapter in the content is divided into microtopics.
Assessment based instruction
Learning on WoWWiN is complementary to the classroom learning. Once you have learnt a lesson in the class you answer tests in that lesson on the WoWWiN portal. Each test identifies your weak areas and you repeat the tests until you gain expertise.
Individual instruction
WoWWiN provides instruction to each student based on his level of understanding and competence. Beginners can start with the concepts, while the advanced students can take up difficult problems and applications. Beginners can quickly gain expertise by repeating the tests. Each time you take a test you answer different set of questions in the same topic.
Performance tracking and monitoring
Your WoWWiN teacher assigns tests to individual students or group of students or for your whole class. Each time you take the assigned test your performance is reported to the WoWWiN teacher. Your WoWWiN teacher plans appropriate interventions to improve your performance. Periodic reports are also sent to your parents.
Mock tests
WoWWiN takes students who have completed the instruction in all subjects through a series of mock tests. Mock tests are simulated on the basis of the examinations the student chooses to appear. Guidance is provided to each student by analyzing his performance in the mock test. Students are encouraged to take as many mock tests as they can on the WoWWiN portal.



Online study and assessment + WoWWiN classes to make you an expert.

Online Tracking

Practice anytime - 24x7. WoWWiN keeps track of your study whenever you study.

Contact Classes

Your WoWWiN teacher knows your weak areas. He strengthens them by clarifying your doubts and give you extra practice.


Revise your lesson on WoWWiN portal in less than 15 minutes.

Easy to interact

You will love practicing on WoWWiN. It's easy..... it's like playing a game.

Mock Tests

Practice as many Mock Tests as you can....until you score high consistently.



WoWWiN's Mock Test Series is designed to provide you the complete experience of the real time tests. These tests have been evaluated by expert teachers in the relevant subjects. Questions in these mock tests have been drawn from chapters that are most preferred by the examiners. You can subscribe to mock test series either for one test or for a pack of 10, 25 or unlimited number of tests.

What Students say about us!


“ I had difficulty in understanding the "Integration" chapter and answering the questions for IITJEE. WoWWiN questions, answers and explanations made me thorough in the chapter.
Thanks to WoWWiN!!

Sneha Yadav,
Inter II year M.P.C,
Madhya Pradesh

“ I have taken more than 20 mock tests on WoWWiN, which helped me prepare for NEET thoroughly. I found the preparation very useful. ”

Amarendra Parihar
Inter II year B.P.C
Madhya Pradesh

“The Physics questions in NEET are of good standard. The explanations helped me to understand the complexity and prepare for NEET thoroughly. ”

Laxmi Thusara
Inter II year, B.P.C
Andhra Pradesh