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WOWWIN Methodology

WOWWiN's method follows the concept of assessment based learning, which is proven to be one of the most effective ways of learning.

Each chapter in the core subjects is divided into several microtopics. Microtopic represents a 10 minute teaching session in the classroom. A lesson of 50 minute duration usually covers 3 to 4 microtopics. The portal contains rich reading material for each chapter.

After completion of a lesson the student answers questions in each microtopic that has been covered. When the student answers the questions he is given the right answer and also the reasons for the right answer (solution).

Wherever the student has made mistakes he repeats the test in the relevant microtopic after revising the reading material for the topic. The student is considered to have passed the lesson if he / she has scored 80% (this can be set be the teacher) in each of the microtopics.

As the student takes each test, the teacher is instantly informed of the scores of each student and the mistakes the student is making; and the teacher can plan the interventions accordingly.

Once the entire chapter is covered in the class, the teacher asks the students to take the test in the whole chapter covering all the microtopics in the chapter. The students are tested at 4 levels. 30 questions are asked at each level. At the 1st level the student answers simple questions mostly on the concepts. At the 2nd level the student is asked moderately difficult questions. At the 3rd level the students answer complex questions. At the 4th level the students answer questions from the past examinations and questions expected to be asked in the examinations. Student has to score minimum marks prescribed by the teacher (say 75%) at each level to graduate to the next level.

Chapter tests are typically weekend tests and the scores the students obtain are instantly communicated to the teachers for monitoring and clarification.

The student answers a minimum of 120 questions in each chapter and practices the questions several times. This makes him / her thorough in the chapter.

After covering all the chapters in the subject, the student is led to the subject level tests. Here he answers the tests again at 4 levels. Test at each level consists of 60 questions. Each time the student takes the tests the teacher is informed of his / her performance.

Mock tests are the highlight of WoWWiN. The student is led to take as many mock tests as possible once he / she completes the study in all the subjects. These mock tests enable the student to revise the subject several times, correct the gaps in his understanding, and prepare him / her in terms of speed and accuracy. The mock tests are structured in accordance with the exam patterns of the respective competitive tests and simulate the actual test.